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Life in the Womb

-Pass the Abortion Survivors Act As Soon As Possible

-Seek to ban abortion at the federal level

-Work with States to ensure that Sanctity of Life is protected

-Pass laws that recognize and strengthen the protection of unborn life


Economic Policy

- Equal tariffs and duties on imports and exports with other nations and immediate response if said equality is not respected

-Remove participation of organizations that treat other countries more favorably than the US

-Stop incentivizing with free money people that are eligible to work to instead remain unemployed

Property Taxes

-Property taxes are unconstitutional and unjust, I will work to see property taxes eliminated during my time in congress

-Begin by seeking to eliminate property taxes in residential property for those over a certain age (such as 60) or that are formally retiring

Freedom of Medical Choice

-Work to ban mandates of all kinds, specifically mask and vaccine mandates

-Reduce the cost of medication to comparable prices as sold in other countries

-Increase medical manufacturing in the US and outsource only to nations with which we have good relations; not relying on confrontational or threatening nations such as China.

-Thoroughly investigate fraud committed in clinics and hospitals by personnel seeking to steal federal funds appropriated for medical use

State Independence

-Decrease authority deferred to federal agencies such as OSHA, FEMA, and the FBI to decrease the role of non-elected officials in American policy-making

-Return freedoms back to people through repealing of unconstitutional laws and through passing of new legislation that reforms past court precedent

Aid Towards Small Businesses

 -legislate government help towards small businesses and entrepreneurs and seek to get them on the track towards economic recovery

-Support entrepreneurship through subsidies and the allocation of starting cost funds for qualifying businesses

Secure Borders

-Work to finish the border wall

-Work to track down dangerous individuals that have come in from open-border policies

-Count every illegal immigrant that came in through Biden's open border policy

-Open an immigration system where we can vet every person before entering the USA

-Prohibit dictators and politicians with ties to anti-American nations from immigrating or residing in the US

Religious Freedom

-Freedom to Worship is essential

-The government has no jurisdiction over the Church when it comes to method of operation

-Legislate the outlawing of any lockdown of religious services

-work to strengthen the power of religious exemption in emergency situations