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Voting dates: Early voting takes place Feb. 14 - 25. Election day is March 1. 

General Election is November 2, 2022.

Questions? Contact us at our email: rolando4congress@yahoo.com


From a grassroots movement...

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My name is Rolando Rodriguez and I am not a politician. I have been an entrepreneur over different small businesses for most of my life, as well as a missionary to different parts of Central America. In 2017, I started serving my country through a grassroots organization named Latinos For America First. One night, I received a phone call from two of my peers urging me to make content with which to educate my local community on the agenda behind the 2020 elections. However, I prayed to the Lord that night and received a different set of orders. I was directed to drive around town instead, with two flags on the back of my pickup truck. In deep South Texas, a Democrat region for more than 100 years, I was the first to start what became known as the Trump Trains, which spread across the state and resulted in South Texas becoming a highly contested area.

Now I am running for US District 28 to protect my country from socialist democrat policies that are designed to harm and not to help us. In the 2022 elections we need people in office who are patriots, know how to hear the voice of God, and who will set aside their own agenda to pick up the People's. In Congress, I will work to enforce conservative, constitutional laws in order to return this country to its proper state as given to us by our founding fathers.

District 28 of the 2022 Texas-US Congressional Map

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To locate your area in District 28:
1. Click the top left square        on the black heading.

2. Make sure "New" is              checked and "Current"         (now outdated) is blank. 

3. Click the top left image       again to see the map and     zoom in or scroll to view.


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